ASCIRA is a global company created to make most people fulfill their dream - successful life based on an efficient business strategy.

ASCIRA's MISSION is to provide great values and exceptional benefits. Consequently, they will feel the power and change their mindsets. It will let them reach full potential and improve their quality of life by embracing the modern era of living.

ASCIRA's VISION is to connect Beyond a Billion people around the world through the integration of three of the most powerful industries. These are Network Marketing, Social Media, and E-Commerce. We also offer our valued Marketing Associates as one of the most lucrative available compensation plans.

Ascira Academy

Knowledge is power. It gives you the opportunity to change for the better.

ASCIRA Academy is revolutionary for the world of education; we are a Live Streaming On-Demand platform that provides content submitted by top authors, speakers, and business leaders around the world. ASCIRA Academy will enable members to administrate their own learning space, which will ultimately help them develop a better and more in-depth understanding of their selected modules.

Ascira Smart Travel

Smart Travel is a project allowing you to get numerous travel-related benefits.

Thanks to this portal, you can easily and quickly book a flight, cruise, hotel or rent a car and enjoy savings up to 70%. When you invite your friends to join our travel portal, you can turn discounts into profits.

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